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Kisha Fulks
05/27/2010 6:08am

Hello and Welcome to the Wonderful World of DK! I am thrill to be the originator of our new website but and would love to have your feedback. So please tell me what you think and if you have pics or information you wish to have added please contact me via email or facebook.

Kisha "Voyeur" Fulks
Kamikaze SPR 05 TAIL KL11UB

10/25/2013 9:52am

Greetings Sorors,
I am in the process of scheduling a national tour of my new play, HAIR’itage…The Journey of Sistahs with their hair. The play premiered off-broadway and all the reviews have been good thus far. I am reaching out to graduate chapters of our sorority first to see if they would be interested in sponsoring/co-sponsoring a show as a fundraiser. The topic, Hair, is something we can all identify with and I tell it in a very entertaining and enlightening way. I am open to discussing how your chapter can bring the production to your community.
Thanks for your time and I look forward to hearing from you in the near future
Yours in Delta
Niccole Gaines

Watch the trailer:
An article on the play:

Tarria Simmons
05/27/2010 3:39pm

Sands i love it, its very professional and well put together (i guess i taught you well-LOL). I'm glad our site is up and running. Delta Sigma Theta is Nice but Delta Kappa Chapter is Ice !!

Tarria G. Simmons
Kamikaze spr. '05 KL2UB SON!C oo-oop

05/27/2010 3:41pm

Sands i really love the page and u did a great job! KAMIKAZE RULES!!! Spring 05 KL4UB!

05/28/2010 9:56am

KLUB this website is the BOMB!!! i love it!! looks like you put a lot of hardwork and time into it!! THANKS!! M.A.D.Dash LOVES it!!!

Sarah "W.A.T.C.H. DOG" Gaines
M.A.D. Dash spr. '10 KL6UB TailDog!!

05/31/2010 10:18am

Sands this page is doooooope! We killed em at the step show. You just made my day! I think this page really speaks volumes to the progress that we have made as a chapter as a line and as a sorority. I am so proud to be apart of DST DK Kamikaze!

Spring 05 KL7UB! xoxoxoxox's

Kortney Spr 06 kl6ub
05/31/2010 8:14pm

This is niiiiiice.

Kowana Goode-Story
04/07/2011 5:18am

Love the website lady!!!!!!! Very informative of DK history. Keep it up.

Mirage 97

Sheila Gatling
09/08/2011 10:02am

Hello Sorors, I'm trying to find any information on a 60th anniversary for DK chapter at the 2011 Homecoming. I'm in the process of writing a DK newsletter to keep DK sorors connected for HC and the 2013 Centennial Founders Celebration.Do you have any information on any HC celebration plans for DK sorors coming to campus? Do you have any contact info for the DK Chapter president? If so please contact me at

Sheila Gatling- DK Fall '68

Margaret Dee Dee Lytle-Griffin
05/18/2012 9:04pm

Dymarip Line '86. Wonderful site, but my name is spelled incorrectly.

It is Margaret "Dee Dee" Lytle-Griffin

Great Job!


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